DIY Balloon Decorations

April 28, 2021

DIY is all the craze. There are countless blogs, YouTube videos, and Pinterest images flooding the internet. You have companies and individuals selling kits, books, and videos that promise to help you create professional looking balloon decorations just by following a few simple steps.

However, most DIY balloon decoration attempts do not go as planned. Your balloons do not look anything like the ones in the pictures. You follow all the directions, and you end up with a mess.  Sadly, you are not alone. This happens to thousands of crafty, creative, talented people every year.

It is not your fault!  The truth is, you were not given ALL the information necessary to create professional looking decor. I have read and reviewed several DIY balloon decoration books and videos, and  found that most of them only present you with a portion of the information necessary to create professional looking balloon decor. Consequently, I have listed a few of the most common tips the kits, videos, and books omit from their instructions.

What I Found

  • Oftentimes, the person providing the instruction does not give any information on how to properly prepare and inflate the balloons. They usually begin their instruction, especially in videos, with pre-inflated balloons. Consequently, when they omit these important balloon preparation and inflation techniques, you are not able to achieve the look you desire.
  • In addition, instructions are not given regarding what type of structure you need to support the balloon decor. The type of structure used for outdoor balloon décor differs greatly from indoor balloon décor. If you do not use a stable enough structure, you will end up with a disaster. Not to mention potential injuries and property damage.
  • Another important part oftentimes left unmentioned in the isntructions is how to properly tie the balloons. This may seem simple, but the structure you use to support your decor determines how the balloons need to be tied.

This information leaves you with a lot to consider if you are planing on using any type of DIY balloon decoration kit, book, or video. You need to decide if it is really worth the time, money, effort, and risk to do the balloon decorations yourself for your special event.  Think about the memories you want to create. When you look back at pictures of this happy occasion, what do you want to see? Let that be your guide in making the final decision.

Alway keep in mind when consiering DIY balloon decor, the special events we celebrate today are going to be tomorrow’s treasured memories.


Photo Courtesy: Liza Densler, Adam Schill, Susan Rankin, Betsy Vaga, Melinda Holl