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Oh my god, I just saw the balloons. They are STUNNING. You really nailed it. This completely surpassed expectations. Thank you so much!
Carla B. (email message)
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Set the scene with spectacular balloon decorations

Who does not smile when they see balloons...No one~

Imagine your guests walking into a room filled with beautiful lit jumbo balloons floating in the air and large bouquets of balloons that look like bubbles coming up from the floor. What a magical and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Make your event the talk of the town with balloon decorations from Celebrations Balloon Company.

Balloon party decorations, finish line markers, finish line balloon arches

Balloon Decorations

Whether you need balloon decorations for a corporate event, non-profit event, or private party, Celebrations Balloon Company has the perfect balloon decor for you.

In addition to our classic balloon decor, we can customize decor with special embellishments and the colors of your choice.  As a result, the decor becomes your own unique design.

The possibilities are endless when using balloons to decorate for your special event.  We take your color choices, add some embellishments and create decor that is unique, special, and just for you.

Balloon Decor Pricing Guide

Custom Finish Line Markers Finish Line Balloon Arches

Finish line balloon arches

Balloons Arches and Balloon Columns are the perfect way to greet race participants after they have given it their all.  Most of all, balloons make people feel happy, they are a symbol of celebration, and they just look great.

You can rent one of those scuffed, dirty, vinyl, inflatables to mark the end of your race, but why?  We can customize the markers and arches with your colors.  Because we offer design and color customization, you can create a finish line that reflects the theme or message of your event.

The next time you are having a race, why not consider having us design your custom finish line markers/finish line balloon arches.

Corporate and Business Events

Corporate and business events can go from plain and ordinary to fabulous by adding balloon decorations.  We can incorporate your company brand into your balloon decor by using your company colors.  As a result, the balloons will add to the fun and festive atmosphere you want to create, in addition too subtly promoting your brand. Furthermore, adding balloon decorations to your event will make people feel relaxed, happy, and put a smile on their face.  After all, who does not smile when they see balloons.

Corporate Meeting/Seminar Pricing Guide

Large Venues

Large venues, whether used for a corporate or private events, can be a challenge to decorate.  Balloon decorations are the perfect option when it comes to decorating a large space.  Large jumbo balloons, balloon arches, balloon columns and fun balloon bouquets fill large spaces with color and create a wonderful atmosphere.

Homes and Small Venues

Having a party at your home or smaller venue?  No problem.  A large venue is not needed to create the perfect look for your party.  We scale the balloon party decorations you choose to fit nicely into your home or smaller venue.  We understand that the balloon decor is there to enhance the area you are decorating, not over take the area and become bothersome to you and your guests.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover what we can do to make your party or event the one to remember:

Do you already have a theme or idea for your event? Great! You can give us the details and even upload a photograph or other file right into your event detail form.  Click here to begin taking your event from ordinary to extraordinary: EVENT DETAILS FORM

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