Terms and conditions for online store, email, or phone purchases.

We must have a phone number for all delivery recipients.

We will confirm that the recipient will be at the delivery location on the date and at the time the delivery is scheduled. If the recipient will not be at the location we will attempt to notify the sender of the circumstances and reschedule the delivery when possible.

There are no refunds for items that cannot be delivered due to business and employer restrictions, conditions that are beyond our control, or when the recipient is unavailable or unwilling to accept delivery.

If the delivery is to a business address we must have the business name, name of contact person at the business, and the business phone number so we can confirm that the business will allow and or accept the delivery.

If you are requesting a video of the delivery, it will only be provided if the recipient agrees to the video. If the video will be taken at a business location, the business must give permission for the video to be taken.

Videos of deliveries are NOT guaranteed.

We are not responsible for deliveries that are delayed or cancelled do to weather, traffic conditions, acts of terror, acts of God, city, state, or national emergencies, unavailable recipients, refused deliveries, or any other circumstances that are beyond our control.